Teatro alla Scala IL FOYER - MILANO


The lunch of IL FOYER ALLA SCALA opens at 12 with a card consisting of Milanese menu and innovative healthy dishes. Meanwhile the Cafeteria offers from pasta to sandwiches, from a selection of health-conscious dishes "Italian sushi".


It starts at 8:00, with a quick or full breakfast.
In the continuing of the day the Cafe offers a
triumph pastry, sandwiches, ice creams, sorbets and serves tea.

Pre- and post-Theater

Always attentive student of the La Scala Theatre season, Marchesi has paid great attention to the proposal for fans of La Scala, which can be found at the restaurant an opportunity to break the hunger before the performance or range, or round off the evening at the end of the event.

Starring the bowl of risotto alla Milanese, which is served by a spectacular shopping.


Ristorante Teatro alla Scala - IL FOYER

Via Filodrammatici, 2 - Milano

tel. +39 0279024338



Opening hours

Monday-Saturday:  8-22,30

I piatti del ristorante